The Valley Advocate Sessions — presented by the Valley Advocate, Signature Sounds, and NCTV — regularly features short concerts by local musicians both seasoned and new.

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Eva Cappelli

A local songwriting queen who plays everything from blues and country to jazz and rock.

Riley Godleski

Indie pop mixed with bittersweet melodies and melancholy alternative folk.

Wendy Eisenberg

Virtuoso guitar mixed with experimental rock, indie folk, and jazz.

The frost heaves and hales.

The frost heaves and hales perform as a psych folk duo with one-minute songs about birds and other animals on the Valley Advocate Sessions Stage.

Arc City Angels

Arc City Angels is a hard rock band from Holyoke that blends together an eclectic mix of punk, metal, pop, and rock.

Christa Joy

Bittersweet country folk songs about everyday life and impermanence.


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