Recorded on Jan. 3, 2017.

– Love is All Around You
– Save Me
– The Cycle
– Come Back, July

Bonus: Check out this interview with the band during their Sessions set.

More about Colorway:
Colorway is the rootsy pop rock trio fronted by veteran Valley guitarist F. Alex Johnson.

Johnson spent fifteen years in the Americana sextet Drunk Stuntmen, touring the country and releasing several full length CDs, cassettes, and vinyl along the way. He is the currently the guitarist in the Young@Heart Chorus backing band and has circled the globe several times over with the senior singing sensations.

Johnson started Colorway in 2012 as a way to give life to the melodies that he had been waking up with every day.

“I’d get up several days a week with these melodies like soundtrack music in my dreams,” he says. “So first thing I would do is grab my iPhone and hum them into my voice memo recorder. Later on, over a cup or three of coffee, I’d sit down with the foggy melody and flesh it out into a full tune. Once I had a few of them I decided it was time to get a band together.”

Johnson called up longtime musical co-conspirators, drummer J.J. O’Connell (who had played with Johnson in Drunk Stuntmen) and bassist Dave Hayes. The band rehearsed and arranged a full album of material, went into Mark Alan Miller’s Sonelab Studio (who recorded almost all of Drunk Stuntmen’s albums) and set to work on the debut album.

A full year of shows later and ten new tunes, and the band was ready to record again. The Black Sky Sequined (the title taken from a poem Alex’s mother had written) was laid down once again at Sonelab with Mark Alan Miller at the controls and mastered by engineering legend Bob Ludwig.

The single, “Come Back July,” was featured in heavy rotation on 93.9 WRSI and came in the top ten songs of 2015, according to a listener poll.

For professional and personal reasons, both J.J. and Dave left the group in mid 2015. Their shoes were filled by drummer Riley Godleski and bassist Matt Clegg.

With Riley and Matt, Colorway has had one of its busiest and highest profile years yet, opening sold-out shows for the likes of Foreigner, The Yardbirds, Ian Hunter, Delta Deep (featuring members of Def Leppard and Stone Temple Pilots) and Richard Lloyd of the band Televison, who called Colorway “amazing and inspiring” when they played together in October 2016.

The band has been working on new material for what will be their third album, as yet unnamed. “Love Is All Around You” and “Save Me” are both from this new batch of songs and, while keeping the rootsy pop-rock spirit of the original band intact, veers into more rough and tumble waters (especially “Save Me”) and are a sign of things to come.

“I’m hoping to open up the floodgates for this new iteration,” says Johnson. “I’m working with a fresh band, fresh attitude, and with a limitless palette. I want to explore some new and unique tones and feel free to let the songs lead me to where they want, rather than trying to corral them into a 3:50 timeframe.”

Along with a new batch of songs, there will be a push for more touring and festivals in 2017.

“I want to take this everywhere people love music and show them what we do,” Johnson says. “I’m an only child, and since I was a little kid I’ve been taking stuff out of my room (both literally and figuratively) to show and share. This is definitely an extension of that. Here’s my contribution to the soundtrack that is my life and here are a couple of amazing musicians to help bring it to life. We hope you like it as much as we do.”

For more information about Colorway, visit the band’s website.