Recorded on April 25, 2017

About Appalachian Still:

From the band’s Facebook page:¬†Appalachian Still is an acoustic band out of Northampton, Massachusetts. Playing a booty-shaking mix of old-time, bluegrass, classic rock, and folk, these New England boys have managed to create a unique sound that is distinctly their own yet remains rooted in the heart of Appalachia. Drawing from a repertoire of original material, traditional fiddle tunes, and some unlikely covers, their music can be appreciated by Old Grampa Jones and Dead Heads, alike. One listener described the music as “really boring, twangy, country crap with too many notes” but it was later revealed his parents had threatened him with banjo lessons when he was a child if he didn’t eat his peas.

Bonus: Watch this interview with Appalachian Still during their Sessions set.

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